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Post  eternal_araelys on Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:46 am

Decided to make a new topic for people to flesh out characters of individual stories that the writers make up on their own.

I'll start with Skye McDonnald and her Doppleganger.

Skye McDonnald:

Physical appearance: Blonde and brown straight hair, almost like someone who goes to a salon to get their hair fixed, but hers is natural like that. Ice blue eyes when angry, generally simply as blue as the sky from which she was named. High cheekbones, a sweet-looking face. No bangs. No birthmarks or freckles, human in every way. She stands about 5'3.

She tends to dress not like a "prep" persay, as she doesn't label herself or anyone else, but she dresses nice, like an adult who works at a clothing store. She tends to like blues, purples, greens, she loves color in general. Often wears black boots or grey or brown sneakers. As its winter when the story starts, she wears fingerless knitted gloves that her cousin makes. Black as well. A black knitted hat, also made by the cousin, and that's all she needs, with a parka for the colder days that is a bright red color.

Skye is a receptionist at a law firm. Or rather, she is until she meets Mikael. Then... things change, rapidly.

She has dreams and aspirations of being a costume designer for major movies, or a clothing designer for the stars. She has notebooks upon notebooks of drawings littering her apartment, which is otherwise so neat you could drop a pin and hear the sound for five minutes.

She has no pets, although she loves medium sized dogs and cats, her apartment allows it but for whatever reason she hasn't gotten one yet. She has very few to no friends, which is odd considering how pretty and personable she is. There are a few regulars she sees at the clubs she goes to, otherwise no one really. A cheerful, but private person.

Her parents live in New Hampshire, she moved to a city near Rochester, NY.

She is single, hasn't had a relationship in two or three years, simply because she's working on her career, and lives alone.

Mikael, the Doppleganger.

He stands at about 6'5, toned and muscular but not noticible. He simply looks like a lean, tall man... But his muscles are as hard as rock. His hair is dark brown, eyes almost black. He shaves simply so he doesn't end up looking like a mountain man. He tends to wear black clothes, fitted to his frame, and black jeans, no hot topic shit though. He's classy, but dark. No piercings, though he does have a few tattoos. As pretty and "cute" as Skye is, Mikael has been called creepy, ruggedly sexy, dark, evil, etc. His face is very angular, no soft lines.

There's nothing very noticible about him except that his aura, the air around him just seems dark, shadowy, clouded.

He's an artist as well, but a painter. His works are well known in the area, but he doesn't run in the same circles as Skye.. yet.

He is also a loner, but that's because of who he is. He enjoys solitude, darker things, whiskey, and his large apartment. He hasn't ever met Skye, doesn't even know she exists. He was orphaned as a small child.


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